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Cast & Crew

Robert Kilman / Editor, Writer, Director
Robert Kilman , running late for an appointment, could not find his car keys...searching for them, he stumbled upon an old Tyco toy video camera. Not being able to drive his car, he stayed home and made a movie instead. Ten years later, the production values have improved, but the priorities are still the same.

Safwat Saleem / Music, Writer, Director
A graphic designer by profession, Safwat enjoys making films when not kerning type and making logos bigger. In a past life, he was also a music writer. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night to write down random thoughts. It is usually just gibberish.

Barry Moon / I Hate Bear Guy
Britt Engle / Coffee Shop Girl
Ross Hammond / Lt Alister P Stafford
Kevin Ross / Angry Truck Driver
Eliza Gregory / Photographer, Gorcery Store Girl #1
Olga Fomina / Grocery Store Girl #2